GSoC Ending

During this last month, I've been working to improve the code I've already written and to cover the last details for this feature in order to work like previewed in the mockups.

Here's the branch of my final submission.

What's done

This is a summary of all the work I've done so far in my GSoC project.

Inspecting the code I've also found some unused code, and opened a merge request to remove it: !1346 - messageTray: Remove SourceActorWithLabel class

To be completed

To merge this branch into Shell's code, there's some work left to do. Below is what I plan to continue working on:

  • Add actions in the notification messages:
  • Blur the messages around the expanded group;
  • Collapse the expanded group if the user clicks outside the popup or the stack area;
  • Add the option to customize the planner column;
  • Minimal adjusts in the UI:

    • Update the design of the header button for the expanded group;
    • Improve the avatar/cover handling of a notification message;

The ending of a journey

I want to thank the GNOME team for accept and support me on this amazing journey.

I also want to thank my mentor, Florian, for his patience and for his help along with this project that certainly doesn't end here.

Thanks for reading!