hello, world.

I'm Mariana.

about me

I thought I was never meant to be a software developer because I'm not a math prodigy. Then, I entered college, to pursue a software engineering bachelor's degree. After five years, I can say that I've become the person my old self would think "I want to be like her".

I enjoy the front-end, especially HTML and CSS, because of all the things that I can do with them. For me, a new project is always exciting because I can learn something different. Currently, I'm researching about front-end performance optimization as part of my final graduation project.

Well, I'm not always coding, if you're wondering. I enjoy reading about art, politics, and literature in general. I'm fascinated by Leonardo Da Vinci and the renaissance. I like to spend my free time reading about him and life at that time. I have this dream to visit Italy because I want to appreciate his paintings live and not always through screens. I'm also fascinated by Ayn Rand's novels and her idea of freedom as well as the objectivism philosophy.